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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

New Ford GT (2015)

New Ford GT (2015)

Thank you for visiting my blog, Today I am reviewing the New Ford GT In this review I will be talking about the interior and exterior of this car, and the performance it deals, I will also include an conclusion about how I feel and my views specifically on the car.

New Ford GT BlueFord GT Blue 2015

My First Thoughts

The first thoughts that spring to mind are of how sexy the back end look, The exhaust system has a almost evil look to it, making it scream power.

New Ford GT Price

The new Ford GT's price is massive £250,000/$390,000 Which is reasonable whilst comparing it to the new competition e.g Lamborghini's new Aventador SV or Ferrari 488 GTB, However extra's could bump the price up a considerable amount.

New Ford GT Interior

New Ford GT Interior
With the new Jagged look, designers at Ford have given the New Ford GT's interior a race ready feel, The lead Interior designer for this beauty was Amko Leenarts who was quoted on saying that "When you get into the car, you get an immediate feel of raciness" which is completely true, Just look at how many features and buttons on the steering wheel, which give the driver of being in complete control through just the steering wheel.

New Ford GT Exterior

With the new Dramatic styling it has given a excellent first impression, with the low stance due to the hight adjustable torsion bar and push-rod set up it has a impressive exterior, whilst still being able to be recognisable to the fans of the predecessors, The new Ford GT also comes with carbon ceramic brakes as standard.

2015 Ford GT Exterior

New Ford GT Specifications

Set to be built in Canada the New Ford GT will be propelled by a Mid mounted 3.5 litre twin turbocharged V6 eco Boost engine, Which will deliver 600 BHP and more, With this using hybrid technology the new Ford GT's ECU processes 3,000 signals from 50 sensors around the car and uses 28 microprocessors running 10 million lines of code (an F22 military plane uses two million lines, and a Boeing 787 six million).

All this power is combined a seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox, whilst almost the whole car is made out of lightweight carbon fibre which ensures a greater amount of power to be distributed, this is something Ford promises that the new Ford GT will have "One of the best power to weight ratio of any production car".


The new ford GT has in my opinion given a great impression, I am also excited to see if the GT will enter the Le Mans 24 hour and weather the new Ford GT will be better than a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

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Thank you for taking the time and reading my review on the New Ford GT (2015) I really appreciate it.

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